GUIThis evening university students led by Symon Kyullu were at the police station to secure the release of one of their own -Ricky Nyakach.

It is alleged that Ricky Nyakach physically confronted the dean of students. This came after wails and screams were heard from the Dean’s office at around 2:30 this afternoon seconds after Nyakach got into his office.

Grapvine has it that Ricky Nyakach presented a file for the late Millicent Obare a student who was expelled but the dean was adamant to ensure support for the student who was to report back this year but died before she could.

The fight is said to have been sparked by a rude comment by the Dean dismissing comrade’s plight. Ricky Nyakach -known to fight for comrades right from first year when he literally chased a Computer lecturer in TB as all students watched-was not about to take it lightly.

What followed was loud screams and wails from the old man. Ricky was then taken to Maseno police station. As a crowd of charged comrades approached the police station in angst, anger and disgust with the sole intent of confronting the police they found Nyakach seated with the OCPD under a tree and sharing a light moment.

Ricky Nyakach & Symon Kyullu then addressed comrades and they all walked back to school.

Ricky Thomas Nyakach is poised to be the students president.