In the past, we have seen Kenyans come together and support each other
in great ways despite of tribe, color or whatever. The unity and care
among Kenyans is evident again just after the West-gate siege and
terror threat.
But does this come out in times of tragedy and great need? Is this the
times Kenyans realize that they are really one? But where does all the
love go to during other times?

Kenyans should realize the kind of politics our leaders play, is the
real cause of divide and tension along ethnic lines. If we can afford
to come together in times of need and help each other then we should
  realize that this is how it’s supposed to be, and that we should not
allow politicians to rub our real identity, so as to satisfy their own
political selfish needs. Don’t forget Kenya is well known as peaceful
and only politics has divided before and now.
I love Kenya, and I know you do too. So let’s be Kenyans and not be divided.

Joash Onyango, Maseno University


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