International Transparency is at it again. The executive, the parliament and the media fetch below average scores as far as fighting corruption is concerned. The executive and the parliament are the top most organs of the government, leaving the judiciary aside, charged with the duties of ensuring that service delivery is efficient in any given state. This further tells us that very little will be delivered by the media because slowly the operations of the media are curtailed by these organs. Incidentally the public watchdog, which is the media, is another moribund body as far as this fight is concerned.
This outcome therefore opens our sight to another bigger picture, if the parliament has put negligible efforts in fighting corruption and yet it is mandated with the legislations of the state then rude shock is bound to fall on this state. In the parliament, we look forward to the citizen representatives to blow the whistle when the country is about to be ditched into the quagmire of desperation, we look forward to the members to form committees to probe onto the scandals that face the members and give the nation a picture it ought to have. With the parliament performing dismally, the future is bleak.
On to the media, I have nothing to say, because the media has lost the agenda. The television networks today compete on the gambling games and the radios have followed the course. The newspaper on the other face might not be to blame because Kenyans have got no reading culture.
With the executive, legislature and the media failing, judiciary will follow suit. Indeed country men and women, the future is doomed..
Joash Onyango
Maseno University.


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