This is the night that most students get introduced to drinking, precarious drinking to be precise. Sex orgies mark its culmination. Virgins turn to no longer virgins and it’s also the night most break ups occur as men got whatever they wanted. It also is the night some relationships grew with greater bond as men concurred their women and felt attached even more.

It’s the Fresher’s Ball. The night all freshers are introduced into the school and with great pressure from friends they are lured into the party. Curiosity drove most of them into the same pit.

Whom could we blame? Is it the parents? Is it the much denied freedom to kids and suddenly got it heavily in college after turning 18?

It all starts with the excitement of the music, then to the smell of the drinks. Everybody else seems to enjoy the atmosphere and wonder why the fun is not in you. Friends around are immersed and buried in the beats of the music in the frenzy of their drunkenness.

The head gets use to the conditions and slowly is enticed and wouldn’t mind to have a taste of the drink, gets high and the worst happens.

The innocent youths then are sunken in mud only God can afloat them. What really happens in freshers parties is unspeakably unfair to our fellow peers.



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