Is it peer pressure? Is it just having fun? Is it a way to make a living? Is it a manifestation due to the much given freedom? The answers to these questions lie within us, different from one individual to another. We all know the outcome of these ‘fun’ activities as called among the horde but still go for it.

Is it just because we have no fear of God?

Se, friends with benefits, one night stand, precarious drinking littered with sex orgies are just but some of the common current fads in our schools. We hear them over and over and we get used to them and anybody who isn’t doesn’t sail in the same boat is sidelined, despised and ultimately, some give in to the pressure and there we go rocking in parties we once never thought of being part of, but still just go for it.

What happened to our values and beliefs as Africans? I mean, leaving alone Christianity just for this reason because this too came with the white skin. They also brought clothes to us when we walked around with limited covering not for any other reason but that we never had clothes. Thanks to that. But despite the clothes being with us, we still walk around with selected parts of us covered only that the reason for this has changed but to entice men.

Long legs, short skirts and soft skin are the images flooded in the minds of every man. Could this be another reason for the increasing promiscuity and sexual evils in the society? I mean, I’m trying just to understand why the change of behavior over the generations.

Men have adapted a sweet lying tongue and ladies are ladies are ready to wallow with them with the slightest promise made to them. It’s not odd anymore, they know men lie and empty promises fill the atmosphere around them, yet they still give it up to the same kind of men.

Life is a constant cycle of change. Friends push us to do wrong things; pornography, sex, drug among others but courage and strength are fundamental constituents to overcome.

Doesn’t mean it’s easy. Small steps lead to great strides. We all fall severally, but we should overcome much more than we fall. Focusing on our goal and filling our minds with thoughts of making life better really helps a big deal.

Trust me, we will get tempted all our life, we will fall once in a while because we are just human, imperfect and God accepts us that way. Our hearts may condemn us, but we are always, no matter what, stronger than the surrounding conditions.

One thing I have learnt in life, there’s always a way out of a problem as long as we don’t divert our minds and fill it with fear and underhand ways to make it out of life’s hard times.

Ladies no longer have trust on men, doubts have pervaded their minds as all men that made them promises, used them, spread their secrets to the world and left them for their best friends.

They are left desperate with anger and hunger for revenge and as a result, ended up fragile. The next sweet talking man comes by and easily breaks the ice leading her through the same cycle of events. Could this too be a reason for the promiscuous kind of life among ladies?

Men are visual creatures and as a man, I’ve always seen it that, the reason that make us cold hearted are the constant long, sexy legs that become manifest from the short skirts with soft skin. This leaves us looking for the next passing by lady.

Okay, I know this is no compromising reason, but it sure affects us just to remind you dear lady. We have the ability to tune our minds otherwise. Though, ladies dress this way because the few men they met turned out unfaithful. So the cycle of events goes round and round.

Innocent, sweet and loving ladies turn to drugs due to depression in school and men end up cold and irresponsible adults.

Is it worth the effort? Is it too hard to live a life respectably and with dignity? The questions still come through my mind, whose answers yet to be known. Our lives aren’t to please friends and the horde, as for me, my life is meant to please God and everything I do, I do taking into account what Jesus would do.

So, what’s your life meant for?



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  1. very true..


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