Stereotypes or conceptions, that women are emotional, sex objects and that African-Americans are lazy, are mainly created to explain why things are the way they are.


Life is best for those who live it, difficult for those who analyze it and worse for those who criticize it. Our attitudes define and determine the life we live, so laugh so hard that even sorrow smiles back, live so well that even death wants to see you alive and fight so hard that fate accepts defeat.

Just because you’re physically challenged doesn’t make you a lesser person and neither does God cast you aside. It is your physical being that has been tampered with and not your abilities, so let no one refer to you as disabled because you are able. You are who you are not because of your physical ability but your inner ability.

Accept, love, appreciate and find contentment on what you are and not what others want or expect you to be. It is not your physicality that defines the person in you, rather your personality. Look at yourself as a winner and use your challenge not as an excuse for failure, but as a strength igniter to reach for greater heights.

Any part of your body can be maimed but not your brain, so think of yourself as an exceptional being with exceptional abilities and capabilities. Never say die, remain focused never allowing any condition bar you from achieving your set goals and objectives rather use your being to lead the life in you without relying on well wishers.

Remember, you can lose a part of your body but never in life lose faith in yourself and that you can rise against all odds, reach for the stars and shine like the sun. Disability isn’t inability but a phase in life that some of us ought to pass through with pride and dignity for a reason we cannot comprehend.


Otherwise, God calls the shorts in our lives and whatever we pass through is to sharpen the clarity of our destiny from whatever angle in life. This doesn’t rib the fact that we are all human with feelings and that we all get hurt with all the stereotypes about disability among the horde.


Some have lost hope from time to time and sadly squeezed their life out of them while the strong rose to their feet whenever it got so unbearable.


But does it have to be this way?


What we should know


We all use stereotypes, all the time and in most cases unconsciously. We have discovered the enemy among ourselves and it’s within us though not most of us would allow to be labeled dependent on a given conception among ourselves.


All these come from what we fill our minds with which mainly comes from the diverse cultures we have.
The differences among us then split us setting a boundary on the subjects of race, gender, class and sexual orientation.


 “We not only mirror the ambivalence we see in society, but also mirror it in precisely the same way,” says Dovidio.“Stereotypes don’t have to be true to serve a purpose.”

We all talk of equality, democracy and fairness but it turns out that it’s an ideal case if it were to apply, because as a reality, we speak all this considering fair treatment to ourselves and not others. We still label ourselves as we belief. Take for instance female activists fighting for gender equality while at the same time, there are women fighting them. Masochists, those that have come up in certain cultures and have come to accept the belief of male superiority and find pleasure to be a footstool to men, are just but a case in point of the disorder within

 Getting along

 The fact that most of these ills are committed unconsciously lessens the weight of sidelining people based on sex, gender, physically handicapped and even the sick but does not rule out its end results.

 We have to get above all these, and the coming generation have an option of either accepting or rejecting these conceptions since they are learnt well before they even have the knowledge and familiarity to form their own beliefs.

 We should fight against all forces that would promote and perpetuate these conceptions. Let’s use the social media and the young energy to halt such discrimination. In fact, discrimination may be as much an outcome as a cause of this imbalance.


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