redThe current educational system has proven to be inefficient to the objectives it was to achieve on its formation. Unemployment has kept on scaling to its top most levels since independence. In history. It is said that, the change of the previous educational system to the current 8.4.4 system, was politicized. The former was mainly to bring up skilled workers so as to hold the British positions and this instead of developing Kenya, depreciated the economy constantly. The current system was meant to change the former youth’s mentality of getting white collar jobs after school. It was created to create acquisition of skills with the changing technology fit for the wage and self employment. It was a good idea but it was externally influenced from political bigwigs and ultimately lost its objectivity. The 8.4.4 system came in, and is still here with us. But so far, it is obvious that it is not giving enough of what’s required. The druggies, criminals, idlers and the whole horde of them in the society are the very degree holders from our Kenyan Universities. Practicality has lost its significance completely in the system and theory has continuously been pumped into student’s heads. Former President Kibaki’s regime did give chatters to Colleges but their infrastructural development has not really enhanced to match that of Universities. We now have more people getting out of these tertiary institutions, increasing the flow of degree holders to the job market, with no job creation to compensate these numbers. In schools today, students read only to pass examinations and get the degree at the end. What happens to the part of acquiring knowledge and experience in order to compete in the labor market? What about those who never made it to tertiary levels or dropped out of school due to financial disability, when all they got is theory pumped into their heads? This is the time to embrace a practical system without looking back. Forward is the way to go. What to know. Having said much, the fact still remains that, despite whatever system is running, the job market will always remain competitive. We therefore should be aggressive and not wait for a change of system by someone who probably never cares, in order to succeed. Let us, the students, set a platform for a change by striving to achieve the best despite the obstacles. If you keep on at what you want in life and are ready to ask ask and ask whatever you need to know, then the universe will always come in handy to thrust you forward. “If you are looking for easy, you better take a seat because that bus won’t be coming by. Easy didn’t leave the depot today. It had a mechanical breakdown.” Les Brown says.



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