1796527_357292527742887_1050333044_n (1)After the hyped Mr. and Miss Maseno University competition, a lot happened contrary to the norm, and it saw Jacqueline Musele as the new Miss Maseno University 2014/15.

The norm is that the best usually stands out, and when it does, the whole world does see the best from a distant and agrees to it as it is.

Even before auditions, it was indisputable that Ivy Nambe (not real name) was among the best in the female category, if not the best.

Considering the skills, crowd and praises she had behind her, it is still unclear why she never made it even in top five. The curiosity behind this brought us shocking revelation.

In an interview with her, more questions rose up, raising even more eye brows of what might have transpired behind the scenes.

mFirst, she thinks the event was not fair because she doesn’t understand what the judges looked for in a model in order to come out among the best, considering her experience in the field over the rest.

“I think I have a great body than the reigning Miss Maseno. I am taller and even eloquent than her,” she said when explaining why she deserved the crown better.

She revealed that, her not appearing in the top five list may have been as result of an influential figure in SOMU’s entertainment sector who was settling a grudge with her. But it later came out that there was a student lady judge, Ann, who is said to have used the power she held then to do away with the few she thought not fit to be top.

Speaking to one of the judges, M…., (name withheld), ‘I was greatly displeased with the selection of the top beauties, we never equally agreed on the final top beauties. I saw Marylyne as the best over the reigning Miss Maseno, but she came up with reasons not to. Eveln Njambi was the third in our list but she said her personality was not good to be ambassador of Maseno University.’

‘As a judge, I can see someone’s personality on the stage so I never really saw that applied. We had Marylynn as our number one, some other girl and Evelyn as number three. So whatever happened to the final results was out of our hands,’ he added.

“The whole thing was not fair, and would let the whole world know, if had the ability. But even so, please don’t mention me for my customer-based sake.” He finalized.

DSCN8625Why did a student sit as a judge? Why did all the other judges, never seemed to have a say over the results?

Ann wanjugu is said to have sat in as a judge, since she was a trainer, in order to give information on the model’s character, personality, frequency in training attendance and maybe general behavior. Could she have exaggerated? Could she have lied?

As it turns out, she made major decisions.

On asking for her opinion over the whole idea, she said the event was generally fair and up on the bar.

By fate, a lady friend to one of the model’s, was given a car lift to Kisumu by one of the judges. She reported to the model friend that this given judge complained a lot on Ann wanjugu getting to much on the decision making and how it was entirely unfair. The model told us.

It also happened to be strange that most models, even in the male category, grumbled that the judges never paid attention to them. “They seemed distracted; I would look at them and see them talking to each other and doing other stuff instead of watching us on stage,” Emanuel Bosire, a male contestant, said at an instance. Why was this?

Getting back to the model’s confessions, she continued that, “He called me to his room severally for advances I’d rather withhold, but turned them down,” she shocked us. “I never thought it would have such an implication on me and was greatly surprised the moment the results were read out.”

It also came out clearly that the current Miss Maseno University, Jacqueline Musele, never attended the training sessions consistently after making through the auditions until the last days. This was in regard that, it was mandatory to attend all the sessions in order to make it to the competitions. Otherwise the contestant was to be eliminated.

Ann wanjugu, should have stated this about Jacky during the judging, but we don’t know how that slipped.

It was during the interview that she said that it was only fair for the judges to give reasons why the rest of the contestants never made it and state the individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

“Are we capitalizing modeling as a talent or propagating politics? Was it fair not to rank all the models? Is there any need for auditions if the winner is pre-determined?” she asked herself.

She declared that, she would not run for the title ever again and at the same time wouldn’t advocate for any lady to do the same unless they intend to compromise their dignity.

“I love to keep things professional and I have paid the price for having stood by that. Even so, it makes me proud of myself.” She added. “I still have to get to the bottom of all this.”

“Either way, it is not the end of me. A title fades away, but dignity stands the test of time.” She finalized.


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  1. Rodney Richen

    Is maseno spynews a personal journal?Are the ‘spies’ told when,what,how to spy and what to report.Is it a place for ventilating vendeta?


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