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Few years back, the mention of the term “university students” was
associated with fights, riots, stone throwing all in utter rebellion to
government unpopular moves.

Comrades power was an in house term in such maseno-uni-gate-n-pplsituations. The universities were part and parcel of the national discourse. Opposition politics in Kenya would not be complete without
student activism.

Student activism, which was in vogue especially in the ‘80s, would give the discordant regime insomnia and extreme paranoia. The students were
pro-active in campaigning for their rights and those of their fellow
countrymen, in spite of the unsympathetic climate that prevailed.

Student leaders could get arrested, beaten up, jailed at the infamous Nyayo house or murdered in cold blood.

Student leaders were powerful figures in the country then. The government of the day kept vigil of student activism to the extent of placing spies in major universities.

Former presidents Jomo Kenyatta and Moi knew the student leaders by name, in all the major campuses especially the University of Nairobi. Comrades, as they would popularly refer to each other would proceed without phobia of subjugation or intimidation, to engage the government on unpopular moves. Student activism was a public watchdog.

In 1992, when the fight for multiparty democracy was at its peak,
university students joined notable ‘second liberation’ figures such as
Kenneth Matiba, Charles Rubia, Paul Muite, Raila Odinga among others. The struggle successfully saw the repeal of the famous Section 2A of the
constitution that brought in a new era of multiparty democracy.

Thanks to student activism of the 80’s and 90’s, a crop of vibrant leaders
emerged. The likes of James Orengo, Miguna Miguna, Ababu Namwamba , Chief Justice Willy Mutunga are just but a few.

Fast forward to the 21st century, Student activism took a different turn.
University voices in national discourses are rare .The only time student
leaders are heard of is when a varsity strike occurs and the media gets
them an interview as part of the evening news.

Pointing out the vacuum left in the country by the dwindling student activism in governance matters, Chief Justice willy Mutunga was quoted in the papers in 2012 urging varsity students to bring back the great debates and student activism witnessed in the past decades.

COMRADES, Its our role, our duty and our responsibility to restore social
academic justice. A time has come to re write history, going fourth in the
spirit of transformation and declaring the re birth of COMRADES POWER.


redThe current educational system has proven to be inefficient to the objectives it was to achieve on its formation. Unemployment has kept on scaling to its top most levels since independence. In history. It is said that, the change of the previous educational system to the current 8.4.4 system, was politicized. The former was mainly to bring up skilled workers so as to hold the British positions and this instead of developing Kenya, depreciated the economy constantly. The current system was meant to change the former youth’s mentality of getting white collar jobs after school. It was created to create acquisition of skills with the changing technology fit for the wage and self employment. It was a good idea but it was externally influenced from political bigwigs and ultimately lost its objectivity. The 8.4.4 system came in, and is still here with us. But so far, it is obvious that it is not giving enough of what’s required. The druggies, criminals, idlers and the whole horde of them in the society are the very degree holders from our Kenyan Universities. Practicality has lost its significance completely in the system and theory has continuously been pumped into student’s heads. Former President Kibaki’s regime did give chatters to Colleges but their infrastructural development has not really enhanced to match that of Universities. We now have more people getting out of these tertiary institutions, increasing the flow of degree holders to the job market, with no job creation to compensate these numbers. In schools today, students read only to pass examinations and get the degree at the end. What happens to the part of acquiring knowledge and experience in order to compete in the labor market? What about those who never made it to tertiary levels or dropped out of school due to financial disability, when all they got is theory pumped into their heads? This is the time to embrace a practical system without looking back. Forward is the way to go. What to know. Having said much, the fact still remains that, despite whatever system is running, the job market will always remain competitive. We therefore should be aggressive and not wait for a change of system by someone who probably never cares, in order to succeed. Let us, the students, set a platform for a change by striving to achieve the best despite the obstacles. If you keep on at what you want in life and are ready to ask ask and ask whatever you need to know, then the universe will always come in handy to thrust you forward. “If you are looking for easy, you better take a seat because that bus won’t be coming by. Easy didn’t leave the depot today. It had a mechanical breakdown.” Les Brown says.




What do you want to do in life? Does it seem impossible? Yeah, do not even bother on thinking of the answer to that. It always seems impossible whenever we get off our butts and try doing something new.

Do you want to know why? Well, it just as simple as because you are out of your comfort zone. The mind, body and whatever else in the universe, sees to it that it fights against your will to get back to its initial coziness.

But does this mark the end of it all? If your answer is yes then you are a potential looser and better clean up your present state, fit to live in, since it seems that you’re going to live their all your life. You don’t want this to be the shape your life to take.

It is time to never say never.

It’s your destiny

What your heart desires to get in life, it becomes is your destiny and I am sure you would not allow anybody to mess around with your destiny. So why mess it yourself? You got to not back out but fight till forever. Break through the odds and come out of your bubble into a much higher one, then you can settle there if you have to.

Do you want to know something about you that you have never known? There’s only one way to find that out. Step out, do the odds, and get surprised of what is composed of you but tried to hide it. There is no other way to know your worth.

I know the famous questions we ask ourselves repeatedly. But what if I fail? Will they think of me as a looser?

People talk. It doesn’t matter if you do the worst in life or how hard you try to do good in order to please men. They still will always talk and in most cases, they talk to break you and see you fail. They should not have the pleasure of that, otherwise, take it positively because it is only a natural cycle to push us forward.

It gets hard and takes courage, from the little experience I have had from leading a school media association, to resist. Everything that you meet gives signs that you are on the wrong track and easily give up. On the other hand, just as Paulo Coelho says in his book, The Alchemist, if you love something and do everything that’s required to make it happen, get back at it again and again and are ready to ask whatever you need to know, then the universe will always help you reach it.


Not to forget

Winning could be everything if you like the money, but if you are more interested in living a more rewarding and active life, it is the thriving that is everything. If you believe that the chase is the reward, then you learn to see failure only as a part of the game,” Les Brown says.

Even so, you do not want to gain the whole world and lose your soul. As we strive to reach our goals, the simple things in life bring us happiness. It never comes from the money, fame or whatever. Most of all, we should never lose love as part of us. It is better to stop and look for it, as you may reach the top but never be happy.

Step up and never say, never.


Is it peer pressure? Is it just having fun? Is it a way to make a living? Is it a manifestation due to the much given freedom? The answers to these questions lie within us, different from one individual to another. We all know the outcome of these ‘fun’ activities as called among the horde but still go for it.

Is it just because we have no fear of God?

Se, friends with benefits, one night stand, precarious drinking littered with sex orgies are just but some of the common current fads in our schools. We hear them over and over and we get used to them and anybody who isn’t doesn’t sail in the same boat is sidelined, despised and ultimately, some give in to the pressure and there we go rocking in parties we once never thought of being part of, but still just go for it.

What happened to our values and beliefs as Africans? I mean, leaving alone Christianity just for this reason because this too came with the white skin. They also brought clothes to us when we walked around with limited covering not for any other reason but that we never had clothes. Thanks to that. But despite the clothes being with us, we still walk around with selected parts of us covered only that the reason for this has changed but to entice men.

Long legs, short skirts and soft skin are the images flooded in the minds of every man. Could this be another reason for the increasing promiscuity and sexual evils in the society? I mean, I’m trying just to understand why the change of behavior over the generations.

Men have adapted a sweet lying tongue and ladies are ladies are ready to wallow with them with the slightest promise made to them. It’s not odd anymore, they know men lie and empty promises fill the atmosphere around them, yet they still give it up to the same kind of men.

Life is a constant cycle of change. Friends push us to do wrong things; pornography, sex, drug among others but courage and strength are fundamental constituents to overcome.

Doesn’t mean it’s easy. Small steps lead to great strides. We all fall severally, but we should overcome much more than we fall. Focusing on our goal and filling our minds with thoughts of making life better really helps a big deal.

Trust me, we will get tempted all our life, we will fall once in a while because we are just human, imperfect and God accepts us that way. Our hearts may condemn us, but we are always, no matter what, stronger than the surrounding conditions.

One thing I have learnt in life, there’s always a way out of a problem as long as we don’t divert our minds and fill it with fear and underhand ways to make it out of life’s hard times.

Ladies no longer have trust on men, doubts have pervaded their minds as all men that made them promises, used them, spread their secrets to the world and left them for their best friends.

They are left desperate with anger and hunger for revenge and as a result, ended up fragile. The next sweet talking man comes by and easily breaks the ice leading her through the same cycle of events. Could this too be a reason for the promiscuous kind of life among ladies?

Men are visual creatures and as a man, I’ve always seen it that, the reason that make us cold hearted are the constant long, sexy legs that become manifest from the short skirts with soft skin. This leaves us looking for the next passing by lady.

Okay, I know this is no compromising reason, but it sure affects us just to remind you dear lady. We have the ability to tune our minds otherwise. Though, ladies dress this way because the few men they met turned out unfaithful. So the cycle of events goes round and round.

Innocent, sweet and loving ladies turn to drugs due to depression in school and men end up cold and irresponsible adults.

Is it worth the effort? Is it too hard to live a life respectably and with dignity? The questions still come through my mind, whose answers yet to be known. Our lives aren’t to please friends and the horde, as for me, my life is meant to please God and everything I do, I do taking into account what Jesus would do.

So, what’s your life meant for?






This is the night that most students get introduced to drinking, precarious drinking to be precise. Sex orgies mark its culmination. Virgins turn to no longer virgins and it’s also the night most break ups occur as men got whatever they wanted. It also is the night some relationships grew with greater bond as men concurred their women and felt attached even more.

It’s the Fresher’s Ball. The night all freshers are introduced into the school and with great pressure from friends they are lured into the party. Curiosity drove most of them into the same pit.

Whom could we blame? Is it the parents? Is it the much denied freedom to kids and suddenly got it heavily in college after turning 18?

It all starts with the excitement of the music, then to the smell of the drinks. Everybody else seems to enjoy the atmosphere and wonder why the fun is not in you. Friends around are immersed and buried in the beats of the music in the frenzy of their drunkenness.

The head gets use to the conditions and slowly is enticed and wouldn’t mind to have a taste of the drink, gets high and the worst happens.

The innocent youths then are sunken in mud only God can afloat them. What really happens in freshers parties is unspeakably unfair to our fellow peers.