childLife is so beautiful, so full of magic and possibilities. In the storms of life, we are never alone. Love is the most powerful thing on earth. There is a large amount of love, enough for life everlasting just like the sun, and it’s always constant and unchanging. Even in the verge of death, with love, we can never be so alive. In whatever storm, nothing can take that away.

It is so easy to forget where we come from in life, to not help somebody just but standing in similar shoes you were at, if time was turned back. Is it so comforting to live like giving to the lacking is not part of us? And even forget what the people that had to sacrifice everything they ever wished to have in life in order to get you to be where you are?

I know this is not possible. Our consciousness will always take us back to the times. But why do we resist this? Why do we hide from what we know very well is right? Well let me tell you. You struggled, prayed and God gave you the big break but allowed it to enslave you and insecurity came in. insecure that all you got is not enough to give. That it may onetime all come to zero and loose the pleasure that life gives you.

Remember that selfless gift you were given back then? Take a look at this John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

No much is needed to explain this, god gave on order you receive. Even non-believers succeed not because what they do is right, but because they learnt the art of giving. Give and it doubles it back to you severally.

I mean, let’s not give just to get back. Give for it is what God wants for all of us. Let’s give, out of love, to our neighbours, roommates and our best friends who we never took time to realize that they need. The peace of mind and happiness thereafter is worth living for without fear of lacking or draining.

Otherwise, every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

Let love lead us and not hold it back. A happy life is defined by love. It’s your time to stand up and visit that poor friend, homeless boy and orphaned kid and bless a soul while making a change. Giving to them is giving to God. Shalom.



He has one too, a life experience, a treasure

A life with less love tensions, I guess ‘coz He learnt early

Emotionally broken all his life

So he avoids emotional attachments, not meaning he never falls in love

Whenever it happens, more reasons to back out he gets

All eyes on him, His life and kin’s he has to improve

He focuses on life, his other Nicky ‘stone face’

Maybe the right one never crossed his heart, they just cross his eyes

More reason once more to back out, “en no future is in sight

Very rare weakness among men he has, playn’ not his game ‘en more

He’s caged in God’s ways, nothing can break him out

His conscious stronger than him, can’t let him

Love virgin he is, but love prowess he has

A dark past he struggles to turn negative to positive

Positivity already in sight, he has to maintain

All he ever wishes is cool fam’ en life

God help to achieve he prays,

So don’t run away darling, excuse his seriousness

The best all he wants, for you and gen’

Every single person in the world has an experience to cherish and to which one can have a reason to live a life in a better way. Everyone also makes mistakes and the mistakes we make determine how often we get to have such experiences.

I call the treasure experiences that we should take positively in order to get enjoy the benefits and goodies of life as they come amidst the harsh times.

By Geornny Walker


My woman kept on pushing and pushing,geo

My lady did all she could to get my attention,

My woman made me feel hot just like the cake,

My woman had to get to me no matter what.


My ego led me to a higher cloud,

My inner-man reawakened and stepped on her,

My opinion was she would be for me no matter what,

My woman had to get to me no matter what.


She came to me with all, just to show her yearn for me,

She was ready for it I thought, my move I made that’s for sure,

She loved me, not ready for anything till she saw sunrise of being loved too,

She had to get to me no matter what.


She had to get to me no matter what, I thought,

Standing firm, she definitely did. My ego, she stepped on undoubtedly,

She ached with hurt, with pleasure I lost it on her and my ego rose,

My woman had to get to me no matter what, but she left that day.


Gone she was, a loser I knew I was ‘cause I felt the void,

Gone was she? I couldn’t believe, so I never ran after,

Gone she went, below the hungry vultures she was,

Gone she flew with the ‘em, how could I be so blind,

My woman no longer had to get to me, no longer mine.


Gold dropped on my empty palms, how I pass’d it on, I don’t know,

Great poverty my heart feels, please come back my woman,

Giving you love, is all my life will invest in, till death my love,

God brought you to me, it was destiny. Please come back,

My woman. I’ve to get to her no matter what.

By Geornny Walker.


redThe current educational system has proven to be inefficient to the objectives it was to achieve on its formation. Unemployment has kept on scaling to its top most levels since independence. In history. It is said that, the change of the previous educational system to the current 8.4.4 system, was politicized. The former was mainly to bring up skilled workers so as to hold the British positions and this instead of developing Kenya, depreciated the economy constantly. The current system was meant to change the former youth’s mentality of getting white collar jobs after school. It was created to create acquisition of skills with the changing technology fit for the wage and self employment. It was a good idea but it was externally influenced from political bigwigs and ultimately lost its objectivity. The 8.4.4 system came in, and is still here with us. But so far, it is obvious that it is not giving enough of what’s required. The druggies, criminals, idlers and the whole horde of them in the society are the very degree holders from our Kenyan Universities. Practicality has lost its significance completely in the system and theory has continuously been pumped into student’s heads. Former President Kibaki’s regime did give chatters to Colleges but their infrastructural development has not really enhanced to match that of Universities. We now have more people getting out of these tertiary institutions, increasing the flow of degree holders to the job market, with no job creation to compensate these numbers. In schools today, students read only to pass examinations and get the degree at the end. What happens to the part of acquiring knowledge and experience in order to compete in the labor market? What about those who never made it to tertiary levels or dropped out of school due to financial disability, when all they got is theory pumped into their heads? This is the time to embrace a practical system without looking back. Forward is the way to go. What to know. Having said much, the fact still remains that, despite whatever system is running, the job market will always remain competitive. We therefore should be aggressive and not wait for a change of system by someone who probably never cares, in order to succeed. Let us, the students, set a platform for a change by striving to achieve the best despite the obstacles. If you keep on at what you want in life and are ready to ask ask and ask whatever you need to know, then the universe will always come in handy to thrust you forward. “If you are looking for easy, you better take a seat because that bus won’t be coming by. Easy didn’t leave the depot today. It had a mechanical breakdown.” Les Brown says.


Abstinence is unrealistic and old fashioned

From my inbox, an email from a high school student named Jeremy:

“Dear Matt, first I want to say I really like your blog. One of my teachers actually mentioned it in class once after you wrote something (she didn’t mention it in a good way lol) and I went and looked you up so I’ve been following you ever since. I know you get so much email so I don’t expect you to see this but in case you do I wanted to get your opinion about something. You write a lot about relationships and everything so I’m wondering if you think abstinence should be encouraged in school?

Reason I’m asking is because we are doing our sex ed lessons in imageshealth class now and the topic has come up. Yesterday my health teacher was talking about safe sex and someone mentioned abstinence and she said it wasn’t realistic. She said it was an out dated way of thinking and the people who push for it are out of touch because they were probably kids a long time ago. She said sometimes sex can be more casual and isn’t always a part of something serious. Then she asked how many people in the class are sexually active because she said it was important for people not to be ashamed. Almost all the guys in class raised their hands but I didn’t. They were all talking about how sex doesn’t have to be something for marriage or long term relationships. I always wanted to wait for marriage and I hope it’s not weird for me to say that. They said in class that we should be more accepting of sexual expression that doesn’t conform to older ideas. But I still always wanted to wait for marriage. But at this point I feel like an outcast or something.

I read something you wrote about dating once and it seemed like you were saying that people should wait for marriage [to have sex]. What do you thinkabout what my teacher said? Am I weird for not really wanting to go out and hook up with girls and stuff and instead wait for marriage?”

Dear Jeremy,

Yes, it’s weird for you to want to wait until marriage. In spite of the hyper-sexualization of our culture; in spite of society’s decaying moral sensibility; in spite of all of the messages that bombard you every day through every available medium; in spite of the pressure from your classmates; in spite of the bullying from that fool of a “health teacher,” you STILL stand tall and resolve to save yourself for your future wife.

Man, that is weird. It’s also awesome, inspiring, courageous, and extraordinary. Not to mention, Jeremy, you’re doing the RIGHT thing. You’ve got more character than most adults in this country, and you should be commended for it.

Speaking of adults without character, please ignore everything your “health teacher” says on this subject. I have to put quotes around her title because it doesn’t sound like she’s doing much in the way of teaching, and whatever she’s blabbering about has very little to do with “health.” She seems to think there’s a “safe” way for emotionally immature juveniles to have casual sex. Maybe she’ll follow up this performance by advocating “safe drunk driving.”

Dude, I had to go outside and breathe a little before I even attempted to write back. There is so much I want to say about this woman and the nonsense she spews. In any other context, an adult would probably find themselves on a statewide registry if they went up to a bunch of kids and asked about their sex lives. But this was “educational,” so it’s cool. The most charitable possible interpretation I can muster is that she’s an overgrown gossipy teenager who thinks she’s at a slumber party. “OMG you guys! So who here has had sex??? Let’s play truth or dare!!!!” A less charitable translation of her actions would lead me to the conclusion that she was actively attempting to pressure and humiliate people like you. And not just you, Jeremy. You said every guy in the class raised their hands? Yeah, a lot of them were lying, because that’s just the sort of thing dudes lie about.

So, Mrs. Health Teacher has singlehandedly declared sexual morality dead, has she? With one scoff and wave of her wand she’s buried thousands of years of insight into the topic? Anyone who advocates such things must be “old” and “out dated”?

Hmmm. Well, this tattooed 27 year old former DJ happens to be on your side, man.

God forgive me, I’m not old fashioned at all. I don’t think you are, either. Truth only seems old fashioned nowadays because we’ve grown so accustomed to deceit and manipulation. But Truth is eternal, so it can never be old or new. It never ‘was’ or ‘will be.’ It just ‘is.’ It always ‘is.’ Truth never grows old, and if you believe in it and try to live by it, you will always be, in some ways — the only ways that matter — the youngest, freshest, most energetic rebel on the block.

So here’s the point, Jeremy:

Our culture tells a lot of lies about sex. Your teacher is one of the liars.

There’s plenty of ignorance on the subject. Plenty of confusion. But it’s the lies I hate. The lies that come from people who know better. The people who have made mistakes and now encourage others to make them, too.

You could ask any married person who slept with other people before meeting their spouse (I wouldn’t recommend actually asking this, I’m just trying to illustrate a point here): are you happy about it? Are you glad that you gave yourself to someone other than the person you now love eternally? If you could go back to those times, would you stop yourself?

Was it worth it?

Really, was it worth it?

Do you wish you could say that your spouse is the only person who has experienced these intimate, sacred moments with you? Are you proud that there are other men or women in the world who have seen this side of you? Are you satisfied that what you give to your spouse is now secondhand?

If they tell you they feel happy or neutral about the fact that they gave themselves to someone other than their spouse, you’re dealing with someone in a very dysfunctional marriage. Any honest person in a healthy relationship would tell you they’d erase those moments from their lives if they could. They can’t, of course. Nobody can. We can’t live in the past and harp on our mistakes, but this all leads to an important point: the myth of “casual sex” persists, even though many of us — millions and millions — have seen it for what it is. Marriage as an institution is in rough shape, but people still do get married in this country. That means millions have had to look at their spouse and say — probably silently in their own heads, deep in their subconscious — “I have nothing new to give to you.”

It’s a tragedy, really. It’s a shame. You deal with it and you move on, but “casual sex” has taken its chunk and you’ll never get it back.

Yet few will speak against the predators and perverts in media, Hollywood, and Academia who promote this “casual sex” deception. There should be armies of people opposing it, but instead there is only a small, fringe group of cultural insurgents; the ones we point and laugh at and accuse of having a “boring” and “outdated” view of sexuality.

This is another lie. Casual sex proponents are the ones who have turned sex into something trivial, banal, utilitarian, pointless, joyless, one-dimensional, lifeless, lonely, and disappointing. How could the ones who hold it as sacred also be the ones who make it “boring”? No, it’s mainstream culture that’s made sex boring. It’s mainstream culture that is, in fact, afraid of sex. That’s why we spend so much energy shielding ourselves from every natural aspect of it, other than the physical sensation itself.

And the ones who believe it to be so much more than that are the ones who make it “boring”? THEY are the ones who are afraid of it? They embrace all of it, every part of it, and they are the ones who “hate sex”?

Ridiculous. Casual sex is a lie. It’s a lie that rests on lies and breeds lies and turns people into liars.

We’re told that we are sexually “liberated” if we throw ourselves at strangers and give ourselves over to people who couldn’t possibly care less about us. This is yet another lie. If modern attitudes about sex have “liberated” us, what, precisely, have we been freed from? Security? Commitment? Trust? What, we’ve broken the Shackles of Purity and Love and run gleefully into the Meadows of Pornography and Herpes? Because that’s all that our sexual liberation has wrought. A lot of confusion, a lot of porn, a lot of disease, a lot of emotionally desperate, psychologically battered, spiritually broken people wandering around, searching for another stranger who’s willing to go in for a few more rounds of sterile, shallow, pointless sex.

Let freedom ring, right?

Libertas, madam Health Teacher!

It’s quite interesting, though. Casual sex has liberated us, yet casual sex produces so many regrets. The landscape is rife with people who have felt the sting of our “hook-up culture.” But where are the people who regret abstinence and monogamy? Sure, some people, while married, think they regret having not “played the field.” Then they play it. And then they learn what regret really feels like.

Even the term “casual sex” is insane. It’s an oxymoron. Denim is casual. Restaurants can be casual. Casual: without serious intention, careless or offhand, informal. A high-five is casual. Sex can only be viewed in this same vein once we have dehumanized ourselves enough to see human sexuality as something no more significant than a pair of jean shorts.

Describing sex as “casual” is like describing the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel as a “nice little doodle.” That’s what I can’t stand — the people who diminish and cheapen sex are the ones who get to pass themselves off as “sexually enlightened.”

It doesn’t surprise me that your crackpot health teacher pulled out the “sexual expression” line. She teaches in our schools yet she doesn’t even understand the words she speaks. To “express” means to SAY something. It means you are indicating something of meaning. When you “express yourself” you are conveying a message about your thoughts, feelings, and character. So shouldn’t we, rather than encouraging sexual expression for the sake of it, encourage MEANINGFUL and POSITIVE sexual expression? In the context of commitment and loyalty, sex expresses something. It expresses: “I love you. I give myself to you.” But what does casual sex express? “Use me and I’ll use you.”

That’s an expression, alright. An awfully sad, pitiful expression. You’re right to have no interest in going down this road.

It sounds like you want to express a different message: self-respect and maturity; honesty and integrity; patience.

And, when the time comes, you’ll express love. Then, you’ll be able to say that you only ever expressed this sort of love to the one person who deserves it. And you’ll both be better for it.

So, in summation, your health teacher is full of it.

You’re on the right path. You’re a rebel. Keep going.

Thanks for writing,




What do you want to do in life? Does it seem impossible? Yeah, do not even bother on thinking of the answer to that. It always seems impossible whenever we get off our butts and try doing something new.

Do you want to know why? Well, it just as simple as because you are out of your comfort zone. The mind, body and whatever else in the universe, sees to it that it fights against your will to get back to its initial coziness.

But does this mark the end of it all? If your answer is yes then you are a potential looser and better clean up your present state, fit to live in, since it seems that you’re going to live their all your life. You don’t want this to be the shape your life to take.

It is time to never say never.

It’s your destiny

What your heart desires to get in life, it becomes is your destiny and I am sure you would not allow anybody to mess around with your destiny. So why mess it yourself? You got to not back out but fight till forever. Break through the odds and come out of your bubble into a much higher one, then you can settle there if you have to.

Do you want to know something about you that you have never known? There’s only one way to find that out. Step out, do the odds, and get surprised of what is composed of you but tried to hide it. There is no other way to know your worth.

I know the famous questions we ask ourselves repeatedly. But what if I fail? Will they think of me as a looser?

People talk. It doesn’t matter if you do the worst in life or how hard you try to do good in order to please men. They still will always talk and in most cases, they talk to break you and see you fail. They should not have the pleasure of that, otherwise, take it positively because it is only a natural cycle to push us forward.

It gets hard and takes courage, from the little experience I have had from leading a school media association, to resist. Everything that you meet gives signs that you are on the wrong track and easily give up. On the other hand, just as Paulo Coelho says in his book, The Alchemist, if you love something and do everything that’s required to make it happen, get back at it again and again and are ready to ask whatever you need to know, then the universe will always help you reach it.


Not to forget

Winning could be everything if you like the money, but if you are more interested in living a more rewarding and active life, it is the thriving that is everything. If you believe that the chase is the reward, then you learn to see failure only as a part of the game,” Les Brown says.

Even so, you do not want to gain the whole world and lose your soul. As we strive to reach our goals, the simple things in life bring us happiness. It never comes from the money, fame or whatever. Most of all, we should never lose love as part of us. It is better to stop and look for it, as you may reach the top but never be happy.

Step up and never say, never.