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By Allahwin Abdallah Otieno (Political Science Student)


As an Egalitarian, I’ve always believed that ‘I should do something’ always saves compared to ‘something should be done.’ This has led me into rigorous contemplation on what contributions and improvements I’m initiating to this society, rather than focusing on what the society ought to do or does to me.francis

The itinerary of change and development is twisted and full of leaps and bounds, making it difficult for attainment of any evident improvement within a specific time span especially in a dog-eat-dog ‘SOMU’ society.

Egocentrism and vested interests play part where artifice, dexterous and good political will ought to; hampering benevolence and leadership passion meant to bring forth development, improvements and attainment of the all-along-been-cried-for CHANGE.

One wonders what happened to the ‘comrade unison’ because what exists currently in our varsity is more or less a dog tag! There is evident stagnation of almost everything apart from the continuity of sufferance in silence and reception of less quality services; which parallel with vast prowess of poor performance and shoddy delivery by the SOMU officials who, are heavily dented by the bureaucracy.

They ought to admit the mea culpa in their capacity for no one needs to be a rocket scientist to deduce what a child’s brain change ought to be pro bono, subject to vindication of its existence in the first place!

Mohandas Gandhi’s said, ‘Be the change you wish to see.’ This definitely reiterates importance of togetherness among like-minded individuals yearning to transform the society through stopping to preach ‘CHANGE’, and act the course for it!

Solidarity is very important in asserting influences we cannot initiate as individuals since in unison, we are heard – and our voices cannot be ignored.

SOMU lacks this backing since there is no stern student back up in push to implement policies that are our priorities.

The three-semester tenure makes the regime vulnerable and susceptible to manipulation hence, no certainty of delivering, as it is predetermined as rite of passage – incinerated with strike-moods due to tension and insatiable needs promised to gunner votes; none of which are addressed promptly.

The toothless individuals in office are there for a stale reputation, fame, and meandrous C.V-making orgy. “After all we came to Maseno for a degree and we shall exit after the four years’ hell-experience,” a fools brain in monologue! We should leave Maseno a better place than we found it.

A question will be prezzodirected to you on what improvements in terms of policies or development you did bring during your tenure – NOTHING – apart from your gibberish fat plastic grin and attending conferences spending our money besides your monthly salary- save for banging around!

The academic doctrine designed by the bureaucracy impairs the officials’ vigor rendering them compromised to the verge of losing focus on implementing their manifesto – even a word.

SOMU ought to be INDEPENDENT rather than being a puppet faction that deserves obliteration. This is the only remedy to stop these politics of stagnation where regimes come and pass without any betterment and improvement of students’ welfare!

We need checks and balances, we need a watchdog to monitor whether there is implementation of policies or not.

Lastly, we need clausal provision in the SOMU constitution offering impeachment of lame leadership for better ones.

We need to revolutionize how we manage our affairs if we really want to translate the over-preached ‘CHANGE’ into practical reality – lest stagnation reigns still.

Comrade Unity will uproot Maseno from its mud-stagnation of poor standards as it hastily macerates and retrogresses to ‘crumble’.

Let us unite to demand for checks and balances; though i have a feeling there should be an officiated independent and vibrant opposition organization to wield pressure on the ruling regime to make them deliver and stop being impertinent puppets of ghost machinery!

Autocracy takes its course when a regime becomes lame! COMRADES WAKE UP AND syommUNITE, dog days are gone.